Jasons Stuff

Jason's Stuff

Jason’s packing list

Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Walking shoes
Sleep sack
Knee brace
Water filter
Camel back bladder
1st aide kit
Camp towel
Bathroom stuff

Camera, case and memory sticks
Electrical adapters
Battery charger
Mp3 player/memory stick

Rain shell
(2) Long sleeved shirts
(2) pants/zip-off shorts
(1) Cotton trail pants
Long underwear
(2) Dark t-shirts
(2) White t-shirts
(3) Ex-officio underwear
(2) Cotton underwear
(5) Smartwool socks
(3) Soon-to be disposable socks
Flip-flop sandals, and new leather sandals from peru ($30)

Alexas Stuff

Alexa's Stuff

Alexa’s Stuff

Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Silk sleep sack
Duffel bag
Camp towel
Bathroom stuff
Electronic translator

(2) T-shirts
(2) Tank-tops
(1) Long-sleeved button-down shirt
Long underwear
Fleece top
Zip-off pants/shorts
Yoga capris
Rain jacket
(5) Underwear: 3 Patagonia, 2 cotton
(4) Smartwool socks
Bathing suit
(3) Bras
Merrel Trail Shoes
Born Sandals

Three Month Update

We bought some alpaca wool sweaters in Peru, and Jason added a cheap fleece jacket in Torres Del Paine.

We also quickly realized we needed our own pot, mugs and some silverware, since some hostels and campgrounds have stoves but limited pots.  We also bought a little gas stove and some bowls.  The bowls are larger serving bowls and double for laundry duty at times.

Six month update

We sent our sleeping bags, tent and sleeping pads home with Alexa’s mom, and she brought us a mosquito net for our next leg of the trip in Asia.  Once in Bali, we bought some cheap shorts and some sundresses for the tropical climate.


9 responses

7 01 2009
Mike Burke

Looks like a lot of stuff. Hopefully Alexa can keep track of it all, especially for Jason.

Enjoy and take care of each other.

9 01 2009

Okay so drop me a line when you need something sent to you and I’m on it.

Have fun and post some pictures for those of us who are living vicariously through you.

12 01 2009
Christine Young

This looks great! How much did the not-so-faded-yet backpacks actually weigh?

7 02 2009
Jason and Alexa

The airport said mine was 15.5 kg and Alexa´s was around 13 kg. I´m not sure what that means, but they´re not too heavy.

7 02 2009

Smartwool socks are the best! The only socks I’ll wear for running and just bopping around.

8 02 2009
Jason and Alexa

I love my smart wool socks. I can wear them for days before they get stinky. Yes I wear my socks for days now, it is one of the realities of traveling. Shhhh… don´t tell my mom.

28 02 2009

Don’t worry – I can beat that. I go on several long RUNS before I wash them! I know gross, but I do the smell test and you’re right – they don’t smell!

When or when will they make Smart Wool underwear! HA HA HA

13 05 2009

Bandannas are the most KEY items you can have… I’ve never used one item for so many different things before our trip. Amazing!

I want to know how much the packs weigh on the way back… : )

27 01 2010

Hi Jason & Alexa,

Nice blog…found you guys while googling on ‘Pulau Weh’ 😉 Will be heading there end of February… I love this ‘Gears’ page, very informative 😉

Wished I can travel around the world as well!

Take care….

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