Country Budgets

This page is for anyone planning a trip who wants an idea of how much it will cost and also for anyone who is just interested in how we are able to do this.

We spent an average of $38 per day per person traveling around the world for over one year.   This includes food, lodging, souvenirs and overland travel between destinations.  The only thing this doesn’t include is air travel.  For airfare, we did not buy an around the world ticket.  For our plans, an around the world ticket was too expensive from our specific locations.  Instead, we bought our tickets a few months in advance when we wanted to switch contents.   This gave us extra flexibility and kept our costs down.  In total, we spent $3,900 per person for airfare, including the following flights:

  1. Los Angeles, USA to Lima, Peru
  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina to Prague, Czech Rep.
  3. Vienna, Austria to Denpasar, Bali (Indonesia)
  4. Denpasar to Bangkok, Thailand
  5. Bangkok, Thailand to Beijing, China
  6. Siem Reap, Cambodia to Vientiane, Laos (really cheap, and Air Cambodia is much better than you might think)
  7. Chaing Mai, Thailand to Phuket, Thailand (airfare was cheap, and we were getting tired of 24 hour bus rides)
  8. Banda Aceh, Sumatra (Indonesia) to Medan, Sumatra (again, tired of riding a bus for twelve hours, especially with chain smokers)
  9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (via Tokyo) to Los Angeles USA.

When we started planning this trip we looked at lots of other blogs and travel forums to get an idea of how much we should save for our trip.  Even during our travels if we found someone who had been to a country we were planning on going we would ask for budge advice.   At the same time we often get questions from people who are amazed at our plans to travel for a year and want to know how much we are planning on spending.

A few notes on our travel style

We did not mind staying in dorms but would occasionally splurge (when it was not to much extra) on a private room.  We did some camping and backpacking in South America and that substantially cut down our lodging costs.  We made our own food much of the time, but we also love to go out and eat the local food.  In Asia, the street food is excellent and very cheap, so we hardly ever prepared our own food.  In Europe we moved very slowly through the countries, which saved us a bunch on travel expenses, and we did more cooking in the hostel kitchens.   In short for us it is all about the balance between living cheaply and getting to experience everything we want.

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