Here we go

6 01 2009

Our bags are finally packed, our apartment in Oakland has been emptied, our stuff is stacked in Alexa’s mom’s house, and we’re ready to go. The whirl-wind of packing everything (except those few items we’ll take with us), moving, last-minute shopping, eating at In-and-Out, and final packing is over and we’re off to the airport. It’s now time to say good-bye to the Bay Area, California, and north America in general. Our not-so-faded backpacks (they’re still brand new) now hold all our material possessions for the next year, for better or worse. Now we’re on our way to Peru.

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2 12 2008

We have tickets to leave for Peru on January 6, 2009.  Let the adventure begin.  Well, that part comes after we’ve packed, moved our stuff into storage and finished working.