Where We Are Going

We have decided to keep our trip flexible, this way if we love a location we can spend more time there and if  another location is not as great as we thought it was we can leave.  We have a broad overview of what we are planning on doing but most of the details we will figure out as we go along.

Peru – January 6th – the end of January

We plan to see Lima, Arequipa, Cuzco, Lake Titicaca, and of course Machu Picchu.  Hopefully we will also be able to fit in a week of language classes.

Chile – February

In Chile our main goal is to do some hiking in the Lakes District.  We would also like to see Santiago and Chiloe.  There is a boat crossing from Chile to Argentina through the Andes that we would like to do.

Map of Chile

Map of Chile and Argentina

Argentina – March

Having already been to Argentina we can’t wait to get back to eat steak and drink wine.  On this visit we plan on focusing our time in Patagonia and the Lakes District.  We would also like to see Mendoza and visit Buenos Aires again.

Romania – April

Slovakia – May

Slovakia Rail map

Slovakia Castle Map

Hungary – June (3 weeks)

My mom and aunt are coming to meet us in Budapest towards the end of June)

Austria – (1 week)

My mom and aunt will still be here and we are going to stay in my aunt’s time share in Schladming.  Thanks Aunt Linda!

Bali – July

Time for a vacation from our vacation.  Hopefully a month of beaches and surfing will be the relaxation we need.

China – August-September

Southeast Asia – October-December

The plan for now is to see Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand

9 responses

27 12 2008

I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!!

5 01 2009

Are you still checking your alexa.lawrence account? Or should I start emailing you at your new address from now on?

Eeeee! So excited for you two!!!! Happy New Year by the way! ❤

7 01 2009
Mike Burke

We’re living the trip right along with you, so write faithfully (if possible)!
So far, sounds like a great itinerary. Right at this minute (about 12:30 pm on Weds. January 7th) I think you’re probably out and about, though possibly suffering from lack-of-sleep’itis.

Thinking of you……….Mike’s out planting trees but said to say :”hello” and “hope you’re having fun”.
Love, Celia

12 01 2009
Christine Young

Oh! I got the books/arnica/sewing kit today. We are still searching for tickets and will contact your travel agent. Yes, thank you for your intinerary.

22 01 2009
Tom the Redhunter

Very cool. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to many countries, but none of the ones on your list. As such, I look forward to reading about your impressions of each of them.

28 02 2009

Love this blog! I keep checking it every once in a while for updates. Stay safe!

14 04 2009

Hey great blog. My husband and I are also planning a similar trip that will start this December in South America. We are loving your entries. If you stay in some good hostels, please post the names and prices, so we can add them to our list.

Have fun

30 04 2009
Jason and Alexa

Thanks, Michelle. Based on your suggestion, we’re working on a whole page to list some of our favorite (and cheap) places that we have stayed at. It should appear in the upper black bar near “Where we are going” sometime soon. We got a good feel for costs from reading other peoples blogs, so we would like to help out anyone else in the same way. Later we’ll also have a budget breakdown for each country.

13 05 2009

I can’t believe how far along you are in your trip! I know you guys will LOVE Bali and your comment is perfect, it was for us too a vacation from our vacation. We relaxed, ate cheap, and enjoyed all the shoping. I’ll have to give you our suggestions, when we were traveling I definitely had you and Jason in mind and kept guesthouse’s cards etc.

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