End of our trip

9 02 2010

Ginza intersection

We had a quick stop in Tokyo and then flew back to Los Angeles.  We got to Tokyo via the Narita express, which costs about $30 for one way and takes about an hour to reach Tokyo.  We saw the Tokyo-Edo museum, the Ginza shopping District, had a quick meal and then had to head back to the airport.

Tokyo has a massive metro/subway system, but it is somewhat odd because it is privatized and so different lines are operated by different companies.  There is the JR company system, the Tokyo Metro and the Toei.  Each has its own ticketing system and not all the lines overlap in a way that makes it easy to transfer from one line to another.  Unlike the well integrated metro/tram/bus system in Prague (where one ticket will get you access to the well integrated public system), the Tokyo system is fragmented, as each company has a different naming and ticketing scheme for their  lines.  You can get maps of the whole system, but it takes a fair amount of work to navigate the system and the various companies ticketing systems.


We had some sushi at the airport and then took our last flight back home.  Now our trip has come to an end.  We hope that you have enjoyed our blog with all the stories of our travels and many photos.  It has been an interesting experience to share our trip with anyone and everyone on the internet.  This was our first experience blogging, and it was easy enough.  Now that we are home, we have some more stuff to add (videos, budget, etc.)  and we will also give an update of where we end up living, so anyone we met along the way can come and visit us in America.

For those of you who have never had a blog, the system we use (wordpress) has a way of tracking how many people visit our blog and what they click on. We usually had about 50 hits per post.  For your entertainment, here is a list of the top 10 pages on our blog in terms of receiving the most hits as of today:

Chile: land of the mullet 1,232
Where We Have Been 759
Where We Are Going 641
Sacred Valley – Pisac 545
Gear 348
Krakow, Poland 321
Torres del Paine 289
Hoi An 258
Lombok: Gili Air 242
Dalat, Vietnam 214
Machu Picchu 193
Thaipusam in Kuala Lumpur 187



5 responses

11 02 2010
Tom the Redhunter

One year and a month! Quite a journey you’ve had. I followed as best I could but you went to so many places I couldn’t keep up with all of them.

Great travelogue, too. Neat that you compiled some statistics like boats taken etc.

One thing I’ve found is that taking notes is a must, otherwise you tend to forget exactly where you went and what you saw. Worse, you can’t figure out what your photos were of. I’ve never blogged as I went, though, but as technology move on I’m sure I’ll end up doing that too.

11 02 2010

Jason ans Alexa,
I loved visiting your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write and post the photos.
You had quite the following. Can’t wait to see more, pics and videos!
Coming back to the states might be the most culture shock of the whole trip!
I’m going to be missing my vicarious around the world travel.

Get in touch when you come to Oregon!

11 02 2010

Hi Alexa and Jason:

Thanks for around-the-world in 396 days plus. You far out did Phileas Fogg in around-the-world in 80 days!
Your adventuous pictures and blog were such a wonderful get-away for we statesiders.
Aunt Ann

24 02 2010

Wow! Amazing adventures! Can’t believe they’re over… at least temporarily :). Loved the blog. Keep me posted on where you end up.


19 03 2010

Also loved the blog, welcome back! go again for all of us.

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