Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

26 01 2010

Tea plantation

Since we are winding up our trip, we are sticking to the well-beaten tourist path in Malaysia because it is much easier to travel from one tourist trap to another.  Cameron Highlands is another stop on the Lonely Planet warpath in Malaysia.  The area is know for being agriculturally productive and has a moderate and cool climate.  There are tea plantations, strawberry farms, and a whole bunch of other tourist oriented things including a butterfly farm, botanical gardens, waterfalls, etc.

Roti spinning

Like the rest of Malaysia, the food here continuous to be really good.  We can’t stop raving about the roti here.  It is called roti canai, and deserves a little more description.  Roti canai is made with dough that they flatten by spinning in the air (similar to a pizza crust, but the consistency of a pastry dough) and then repeatedly folding it. They spin it flat and thin, then fold it upon itself, adding layers of oil as they flatten and fold.  Similar to a croissant with many layers, the final product is then fried, and served with dishes of delicious curry dipping sauces.  This stuff is way better than typical nan.  We have also had some excellent tandoori chicken set menu plates, for about $2.25 US, delicious.

Jungle trail

We did a long hike through the jungle from the main tourist hub of Tanah Rata, passing a waterfall, through thick jungle with all types of ferns, and out into steep agricultural areas.  The farming here is somewhat odd, they often grow things in pots at an industrial scale.  Tomatoes, strawberry and radishes are grow in fertilizer-rich bags, set on top of the soil or on elevated racks, fed with drip irrigation systems.  From here we headed for Kuala Limpur, which is getting ready for the big Thaipusam festival.

more tea fields

Butterfly farm

Tea bushes

Trail view

Big millipede on the trail

Tea time




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