Return to Chiang Mai and on to Krabi

18 12 2009
Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

We came back to Chiang Mai to visit a few more temples, buy some last minute things at the night market and take a cooking class before our short flight down south to the beaches and islands in southern Thailand.  We took a class from the Thai Farm Cooking school, which is located at an organic farm outside of Chiang Mai.  The class was great and we are now ready to head to the ocean!

The classroom

Our cooking class was fun, and we cooked five dishes each.  We learned about the different sauces and spices used in Thai cooking, and had the chance to see many of the plants used for the spices at their farm.  They also had a starfruit tree, which we had never seen before.  Thai cooking actually has three kinds of basil: lemon basil, sweet basil and what they call holy basil, which has a spicy flavor. We were sent home with doggie bags since we made so much food.  We made classics like Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, green coconut curry and mango with sweet coconut sticky rice.  A dish that was surprisingly good dish was cashew chicken with mushroom sauce, and a basil chicken stir fry. Alexa also made spring rolls and the coconut vegetable soup was good, but could not stack up to the other excellent dishes.  We enjoyed cooking with our hot woks and the school was well set up for everyone to really experience the cooking, flaming wok and all.

Chiang Mai Wat

NOTE, the following is mostly just for anyone wondering about how to make the Phuket Airport-Krabi connection, as we could not find anything online: From Chiang Mai we took a quick flight to Phuket.  It is peak season and we are trying to avoid the major tourist sites that are far from undiscovered.  We wanted to go from the Phuket Airport directly to the town of Krabi, which we will use a as base to visit the famous island of Ko Phi Phi, Railay Beach and other mega-picturesque and touristic places.   From the airport we caught a cab out to the main road.  The information booth at the airport told us we could find a public bus stop out on the main road across from the highway police station.  We were lucky and only had to wait a short time before we caught a mini-bus headed south that could drop us of at the highway exit to Krabi.   A short tuk-tuk drive and we had arrived in Krabi town in the early evening.  This saved us from having to go into Phuket and catching a bus the next day.

***click to enlarge***

making spring rolls

Star fruit tree

Fresh ingredients

Our final dishes

School time




2 responses

20 12 2009
Allen Dicke

We saw a spoon and fork on the table at your cooking school. I had thought those were totally western, and that you would be cooking and eating with chopsticks. We will miss you for the Christmas and New Years holidays.
Love, Grammy and Grandad

25 12 2009
Norris Hall

If you like cookiing Thai food, may I recommend this site

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