Hanoi, Vietnam

1 10 2009

We made it to Hanoi (no problems with any typhoons) and now we are free of the “Great Firewall of China” and the censored internet.  Many thanks to Jason’s sister Amy for (in addition to an excellent wedding cake) helping us get around the censorship in China by copying and pasting text and photos from emails so there were updates for this blog while we were in China.

Her email is now full of various drafts, pictures, and posts from her role as our temporary “producer”, so many thanks to her for the help while we were in China.  Hooray for Amy!  Now we will work on some updates for our final weeks in China once we settle in and have some time.




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30 09 2009

Thanks guys. Glad to hear you made it safely to Vietnam!

1 10 2009
Grammy & Grandad

We are also pleased that you safely made that part of your journey. From our vantagepoint, it looks like something weird is going on in China. They are putting on a military parade in Tieanamin Square, but they are not letting anyone look at it, even people who live around the square. One would think that the purpose of a parade is to show off the paraders. Love, Grammy and Grandad.

1 10 2009
Jason and Alexa

Yes, they are celebrating their National Day, when the “Peoples Republic of China” was founded by Mao 60 years ago. Because it is the 60th anniversary, they are having a big event. We have heard from other travellers that the areas in downtown are closed off, and people are not able to get to their hostels and hotels that are close to the center. It sounds like a big headache and the Chinese security forces are really paranoid about making sure there is no “disturbances” at the big parade. TV in china has been showing all the practises of the military marching, it isridiculous how finicky they are, each step is measured, timed (116 steps perminute), etc.

1 10 2009

Saw all the parade stuff on the news this morning…looked pretty fancy! How long are you going to be in Vietnam?

2 10 2009
Tom the Redhunter

Good heavens, Hanoi! How exotic.

Didn’t you say you’d been there before? I look forward to reading about the contrast between then and now.

Interesting about the censorship in China. Very cool that you got around it. Hurray for liberty!

3 10 2009
Amy Sinsheimer

Hi Jason and Alexa,

Hope everything is going great – it has been great following your adventures. I’m not sure if you are still in Hanoi but if so check out the Ethnology Museum. It’s a bit away from the center of town but an easy taxi ride. They have full scale replicas of all the different traditional houses in the “backyard” in addition to other cool stuff like a bamboo slackline you can try out. Your post on Naxi architecture made me think of it – I believe there is a Naxi house in addition to lots of other amazing ones – one of the coolest bamboo structures I’ve seen. Either way enjoy and I’ll try to chime in during the leg of your trip as you are now in the territory I explored last year.

Cheers! Amy

7 10 2009
Jason and Alexa

Thanks for the recommendation. We skipped it because it seemed like too much work. But we went to a really good ethnology musuem in Krakow, so I bet the one here is great too. We will make a point of going there when we go back down to Hanoi on our way to our obligatory stop in Halong Bay.

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