10 09 2009
Brand-new Kunming

Brand-new Kunming

We made a quick stop on the main city of Kunming in Yunnan province after our train down to the southern part of China.  It is another rapidly modernizing city in China, with a vibrant (to the point of being too much) redeveloped core mixing old and new buildings and structures.  The city is known for nice tree lined streets, and as city planners, we noticed many recently redeveloped plazas and squares where large, mature trees were incorporated in the design and preserved, which is a nice change in China.



From here we rested from our overnight train trip and then headed up towards Lijiang.  This was yet another good time to use our pointing skills to order some more excellent Chinese food from street stalls.  There was also a good museum here with many bronze items from an impressive archeological find from an old southern Chinese kingdom, the Dian.

The people in Kunming are known for being laid back and nice, and we met many Chinese people who came to the hostel bar to meet english speakers, and we had a good time speaking with them.  We met some of the most politically progressive and intriguing people we have come across while travelling in China here.

Kunming at night

Kunming at night





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