beijing is nice

14 08 2009

(Jason and Alexa sent the following message to let everyone know they made it to China safely. Blog posts will most likely be few and far between during their travels in China. -Amy)

Welcome to Beijing

We made it to Beijing, and it is super hot here (in the 90s). It is odd since there was a typhoon in Taiwan, but it is really hot here. Our internet access is…er, limited {read: censored – this editorial comment was added later, from outside of the country}, but we made it here safely and are starting to see places like the Forbidden City and tomorrow we will go for a long hike on the Great Wall.




3 responses

19 08 2009

Can’t wait to see pics of the great wall! have fun!

20 08 2009
Ann Burke

Happy Late Anniversary to you both.
Aunt Ann

22 08 2009
Tom the Redhunter

Blessings that you made it safely to China! You weren’t kidding when you titled this blog your “world travels.” As you know I’ve been to Russia, but nowhere near as exotic as China. Being hot sucks as I’m sure A/C is limited or nonexistent most places you go but you have to just roll with it. I remember in St. Petersburg there was no hot water at the hotel (a “5 star” place, we’d been told) and took just about the coldest shower I’ve ever had.

Anyway, I look forward to your reports about China. Not just the tourist sites, but just what it’s like to be out and about. What you see and experience in the market places and shops will be most interesting.

Take care and have fun,


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