Bali: Amed

19 07 2009
Amed sunset

Amed sunset

We made it  to the tiny coastal town of Amed on the northeast coast of Bali to relax at the beach and do some snorkeling. Amed has fewer tourists than other sites in Bali, even though it is currently the high season when many Australians and Europeans are visiting. We stayed in a decent bungalow ($10) that is right on the ocean, and we walk out from the front door to the beach in a little cove with great snorkeling.

Amed shoreline

Amed shoreline

Amed is a quiet town, and the tourist bungalows and restaurants are spread out along the coast, with “real” Balinese (and their chickens and pigs) living amongst the tourist places.  Ubud and Kuta are really mostly full of tourist oriented businesses, but Amed has a nice and relaxing local feel where we can see normal Balinese living and working.  Along the shore the locals have their colorful fishing boats which they use to go out each day to fish (or take tourists snorkeling at other coral reefs).  Every day we see the fresh fish outside the restaurants, which helps us chose where to eat.

The view from the front door

The view from the front door

We spent many relaxing days walking from our front porch to snorkel in the ocean to look at the colorful coral right out in front of our bungalow.  This was a great place to relax right on the ocean for really good prices.  Amed is on a dry side of the island of Bali, and is more like a desert in the surrounding hills (especially compared to the lush green rice fields of Ubud), but we never really were further than 100 feet from the ocean during our stay here.

July, 8

Another tropical sunset

Another tropical sunset

Our seaside bungalow

Our seaside bungalow

Moonlit night

Moonlit night

Cove from out doorstep

Cove from our doorstep




7 responses

8 07 2009

Does sound like paradise. Any bugs?

19 07 2009
Jason and Alexa

There are a fair amount of mosquitos, geckos (cheechahs) and some large spiders.

8 07 2009

Enjoy! It sounds wonderful!

12 07 2009

We are so glad you are snorkeling in the gorgeous place. Love, Grammy and Grandad

16 07 2009
Aunt Bonnie

I am getting hungry for the Nasi Goreng with the egg on top, not to mention the newspaper and flies! Enjoy! I have many happy memories and have been looking forward to your entries on Indonesia!

19 07 2009

Love it, looks amazing! We just got back from our camping trip, tell Jason we had fun in Gold Beach for a couple of days 🙂

22 06 2010

very nice to be on holiday there, enjoying the sunset, the beauty of the sea, nature and diving.

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