Sopron and Vienna

1 07 2009


After a busy week in Budapest we headed to Austria. On the way we stopped in Sopron, Hungary for one night and spent another night in Vienna. After all the nice weather we had in Budapest we started to get some rain which turned into a major storm system across central Europe, but we didn’t let that stop us from seeing the sites.

Our first stop after Budapest was Sopron, Hungary, very close to the Austrian border. The town has a small medieval core with lots of small streets and beautiful architecture to walk around and enjoy. Being a small town it was also much quieter and laid back compared to Budapest, which was a nice break. Alexa, Karen, and Linda climbed to the top of the old fire tower, which provided good views of the network of old streets and buildings. While we were visiting there was a festival in the town square and we were able to enjoy some choral music before dinner.

After Sopron we headed to Vienna for a quick stop before Schladming. The train ride there was rainy and it continued for the rest of the day. Lucky for us we had booked a hotel close to the train station so it was just a quick walk for us. Jason was not feeling well so he stayed at the hotel and rested while Alexa, Karen and Linda explored the city in the rain.

Vienna was the capital of the Austrian Empire and the resident city of the Hapsburg dynasties. The result of this history is an impressively large city full of beautiful buildings. It was a nice city to wander around and just enjoy the sites that we came across. Of course we also had to stop at a coffee shop and enjoy some of the famous Viennese pastries. It was nice introduction to Austria before we headed to Schladming for a week in the Austrian Alps.

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Sopron center

Sopron center

Music in Sopron

Music in Sopron




3 responses

1 08 2009

im going from sopron to vienna coming sept and i was wandering if i can get there by bus instead of rail?
thanks for any insights!


1 08 2009
Jason and Alexa

Hey Christina,
Yes, there are buses, and they tend to be cheaper than the trains as well. Eurolines is a big bus company with connections all over Europe, and I think there is another company called Autobusz-Allomas in Sopron too. We even met some people in Slovakia who got a direct bus to the Vienna airport from Bratislava, so they didn’t have to make any changes on their way to catch a plane home. Hope this helps and have fun.

3 08 2009

thanks for the info!
its my first trip outside Asia so im pretty nervous.
really looking forward to have a great time though!


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