Spiš Castle

28 05 2009
Spiš Castle

Spiš Castle

On our way up to Poland, our last stop in Slovakia was to the large Spiš Castle.  We took the bus to Spišské Podhradie and ate lunch at a traditional Slovak restaurant called Spissky Salas before hiking to the castle through some fields and a village.  This was one of first decent hard-food meals Alexa has had since her 24-hour flu.

Town below

Town below

Alexa had garlic soup with cubes of sheep’s cheese, and some potato pastas filled with cheese and jam.  They were unexpectedly very good.  Jason had some roast pork recommended by our server, and we got an extra side of a different type of sheep cheese with onions, just for good measure.  After our filling meal, we hiked on to the castle.

View over the walls

View over the walls

The castle is very large and up on a hill over a small town.  Perhaps we have seem a few too many castles, but this one was not our most favorite, although it is one of the most visited in Slovakia, mostly due to its size.  We visited the ever present and obligatory torture chamber (oddly located across the hall from the chapel, maybe they took quick breaks on Sunday morning before returning to the dungeon and their medieval cruelty), an old kitchen display, model old bedroom, then climbed the tower and enjoyed the views, until some rain sent us back down to catch our bus to Levoča.

Now we are headed for Krakow in Poland.

Alexa at Spiš

Alexa at Spiš




3 responses

31 05 2009
Joan Burke

Hey Alexa and Jason,
I am enjoying reading about your adventuresome travels. I imagine Krakow will be sobering. I just read a recently published memoir, A Lucky Child – part of which took place in Krakow in the early 1940’s. Keep well and be safe, You Two.
Love, Joan

31 05 2009

Lex, so glad to hear you’re feeling better. That is an amazing view of the castle. Very cool!

31 05 2009

Glad your feeling better! I’m sure Krakow will have some interesting history to check out. 2 more weeks until the mom invasion 🙂 haha. Are you taking a train over to Krakow?

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