15 05 2009
Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle

We are now in Žilina, where we have a nice room with a kitchen and in a location near to the center.  We took a day trip to see the “fairy tale” castle in Bojnice.  It is a fancy looking castle from the outside, with many fancy decorations on the rooms in the inside.  The most recent owner was a Count John Palffy, who seemed to spend his life buying fancy stuff from around Europe to fill up this castle.  Now it is full of nifty interior decorations for tourists to look at, including some very impressive wood carving work on the walls, ceilings and furniture.  Historically, it was a castle that belonged to Matthias Corvinus, but has been significantly changed since those times.  Matthias Corvinus, also known as Matthias Hunyadi, was an important Hungarian King who controlled the region in the 15th century, among many other areas.

May Tree

May Tree

We walked around the fancy castle and nice grounds around it, where we saw a couple takings some wedding photos with the killer views.  On our way to the castle, we also noticed a May Tree, which looks like an American Christmas tree up on a tall pole, but they use as a May Pole here.  We ate some lunch and then took a tour of the castle in Slovak (at least we had a pamphlet in English) before heading back up to Žilina.  We will do some more hiking and castle visits from Žilina, before heading up to the Mala Fatra park north of here.

Big castle, little Alexa

Big castle, little Alexa

Wood carving detail

Wood carving detail




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