23 04 2009
Telč town square

Telč town square

We returned to the town of České Budějovice to catch a bus further east to the historic town of Telč.  České Budějovice is famous as the town with the original Budvar brewery, and then they eventually got into a legal battle with the American brand of Budweiser over the name that ended in some kind of legal settlement.  Unfortunately, the beer tastes similar to the American Budweiser.

Telč church

Telč church

We got to Telč late in the day, and we weren’t able to find any acceptably priced hostels commensurate with our budget.  The one hostel in town is closed right now, so we ended up spending more than we wanted for a hotel room.  It is a nice town with a well preserved old square it the center.  However, it is a small town and it took a good half of a day to get the next bus out of town, since there didn’t seem to be that many that day going to the next major city, Brno.

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Big door

Big door

It seems to taste the same

It seems to taste the same




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