Off to Prague

13 04 2009

We ate our last steak dinner, walked around Buenos Aires, had some ice cream, and now we’re moving on to Prague…

We were leaving left South America as they struggled to contain a recent outbreak of dengue fever in the regions around Bolivia.  There is no quarantine, but just as we got in the plane ready to go, they bug bombed the whole cabin, as required by some law¨or regulation.  It makes sense, but it is a little odd to feel like you are being de-loused before the rest of the world will let you go to the “clean zone”.

We also flew Air France, just because they happened to be the cheapest tickets we could get to go from Buenos Aires to Prague.  Air France is a nice airline, they give out free newspapers in various languages (it is a nice break to read in english) and the food was pretty good for airline food.  The dinner meal came with a little wedge of brie cheese and some decent wine.  The stewardesses were very polite and kept offering french bread in these big baskets.  It made for a nice flight and a warm welcome to Europe.




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16 04 2009

Can’t wait to hear all about prague, that one is def on my list of places to go eventually! We probably passed you in the air on Monday, we headed back that day. Today was my first day back at work…good times 🙂 Europe was tons of fun (minus my stolen backpack in the belgium train station but that’s a whole other story!).

16 04 2009
Tom the Redhunter

Right, central Europe is another place I’ve never been to but one day want to go. Prague seems like a pretty good way to start. I look forward to your reports. Glad your time in South America went well.

21 04 2009

Wow – an airline that still serves Food! I guess the French aren’t all that bad! LOL

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