Goodbye Peru

28 01 2009

After finishing with Machhu Picchu and Aquas Calientes, we returned back to Pisac,  Cuzco and then Arequipa.  We bought some more alpaca wool tourist items, saw a few museums we missed, and had some few remaining Peruvian food dishes.  Jason ate some guinea pig in Pisac (tastes like dark meat from a turkey). 

 There’s a good beer here called Cusqueña malta, that is really dark and has a good flavor, which is a nice change compared to the usual light beers they have down here.   In Arequipa we had breakfast and dinner at a nice balcony restuarant overlooking the main plaza as we laid out plans for moving on to Chile.  We had some more excellent Peruvian soups and a stuffed pepper (rocoto rellano).   Now we´ll say goodbye to Peru (with all the great food, awesome ruins and mountains) and head for Chile.




2 responses

12 02 2011
Pat Dundore

We visited Peru 7/10 and bought some little woven finger puppets. I need to purchase 300 for a school activity. Can you tell me who to contact?

12 02 2011
Jason and Alexa

Hi Pat,
Thanks for the comment. If you want to buy Peruvian finger puppets online, try the two websites below. It isn’t as cheap as buying stuff in Peru. Maybe it is a good excuse to go on another trip! Good luck-

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