Arequipa Wrap Up

15 01 2009
Arequipa Town Square

Arequipa Town Square

We are on our way out of Arequipa and have enjoyed the 4 days we spent here. Jason has been sick the whole time so we have taken things very slow and I took advantage of the extra time we had to take some Spanish classes. I am still not fluent, but I do not feel quite as lost.

The highlight of the city for us was the Monasterio de Santa Catalina that Jason spoke about in a previous post. Its numerous courtyards and narrow streets make it feel like a city within a city. We spent about three hours wandering around and it feels like it has been frozen in time.

The other popular attraction that people cometo Arequipato see are all the

White Stone Arches around Plaza

White Stone Arches around Plaza

white buildings made from local stone. The most impressive example of this White Stone Arches around Plaza is in the town square. There is a church on one side and the other three sides are flanked by two story buildings with arches and second story balconies, all made from the white stone. It is an impressive site to see.

While we have been here we have also experienced some of the local cuisine including Alpaca and rocoto relleno, which is a hot pepper stuffed with beef. Seen the local market

Potatoes at the Market

Potatoes at the Market

and admired the views of El Misti the local volcano from our hostel.

We are both ready to move on and see new sites. Our next stop is Puno which is on Lake Titicaca and then on to Cuzco. January is the rainy season in Peru and the rain has started. Puno and Cuzco are both forecasted for 10 days or rain. It should be quite an adventure.

Look at are Flickr link or go to the following web address to see more pictures of Arequipa.




3 responses

15 01 2009

safe travels, do you take a bus to the next spot? hope Jason is feeling better! love the pics, it looks very colorful there

16 01 2009

jason eat some of yellow potatoes with spinach, and caldo (soup ) de gallina (hen) but with a lot of natural ginger, I see the wonderful pictures you posted and i am very happy you can continue with your trip. kepp an eye for any huaicos( Falling rocks from the side of a road) on the road they could be very dangerous, these huaicos are common during raining season.

my best wishes in your trip to both of you.

16 01 2009

I love the photos, you have some really beautiful pictures. I am seeing the world vicariously through your blog.

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