Miraflores and Downtown Lima

9 01 2009

Today we walked along the coast to Miraflores, an upscale area of Lima along the ocean.

See Alfredo, I´m actually here, it´s the pier.

See Alfredo, I´m actually here, it's the pier.

We ate at Pardo´s Chicken (a recommendation from a Peruvian friend at Jason´s work) and enjoyed a good rotisserie chicken and chicha morada, a flavorful purple corn drink. The drink tastes something like a spiced concord grape juice cider, we were wary at first but it tastes very good. It´s warm and sunny here (with a fair amount of humidity) so the cold drinks are much appreciated.

As we walked through the posher neighborhoods of Miraflores, we were amazed to see many new buildings under construction, evidently they haven´t heard about the housing crisis here, or it isn´t that bad here. We saw many new high-rise apartments under construction, some almost finished and some just beginning.

Pacific Ocean from Miraflores

Pacific Ocean from Miraflores

Then we headed into the main center of Lima. Lima was established by the Spanish colonialists a long time ago, so it has some very old Spanish style architecture. We toured a monastery with elaborate art and carving, a vast library of ancient books, and spooky underground catacombs with bones and skulls of people who want to be buried on holy ground (i.e. below the church).

Monasterio de San Francisco

Monasterio de San Francisco

Hills above Lima

Hills above Lima

Pedestrian street in central Lima

Pedestrian street in central Lima

Colonial style balconies on church

Colonial style balconies on church

Plaza de Armas, Lima

Plaza de Armas, Lima

Tomorrow we´ll look into getting a bus to Arequipa (a mere 14-hour bus ride).




3 responses

9 01 2009

I am glad you made it and i saw the picture with the pier behind you,
like i say take it with calm and, you still have over 350 days to go and get the best of it. How is the communication with the natives going? hope you are having fun.
buena suerte en el resto de tu viaje.

11 01 2009

mmmmm, spicy grape cider… that sounds oddly awesome! 🙂

14 01 2009

Those houses on the hillside look like the favelas in Rio. Is it a similiar situation??

Btw, your blog is so exciting! I had no idea you would be updating it so frequently! It’s like you never left!

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