Trips in the USA: Chicago

20 06 2008
Millennium Park

Millennium Park

We went to Chicago for a five day trip to see the city and go to a wedding of our our friends Mike and Becca.  We also ate tons of Chi-town food: hotdogs, deep-dish pizza and Italian beef sandwiches.



Chicago is a really nice city with a huge park by the side of the lake.  The huge park has an outdoor auditorium with free music and a huge lakefront trail. There is a small canal running through downtown and we took one of the many architectural boat tours to look at all the various building and landforms built in the city and along the lake-shore.   We also visited the Chicago Art museum, which has a huge assortment of artwork, from Monte and Picasso to Frank Loyd Wright and Georgia O’Keeffe.

Park View

Park view

We went up into the Hancock building for some drinks and awesome views of the city.  We enjoyed the wedding, walking around the city and eating tasty food.

View from Hancock Tower

View from Hancock Tower

Monet painting

Monet painting



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15 08 2010

Hi friends!

It’s great to hear you are still travelling and – what is most important! – writing a blog! 🙂 You are real travelers! 🙂 Regards from Europe!

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